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Real Estate

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Fauquier County Citizens

Notice from the Commissioner of the Revenue


September 1st - October 25th, 2020 

Crack bắn cá ăn xu 2019(All applications must be received or postmarked by October 25, 2020)

Fauquier County Ordinance Section 8-10 (b) has been amended to allow for revalidation every 3 years.  There is no longer a requirement to revalidate every year. 


The next revalidation will be in the Fall of 2021 for tax years 2022, 2023 and 2024.  Proof of salesCrack bắn cá ăn xu 2019 receipts for each year are still required (receipts will be needed for 2020-2021). New applicants are required, under Fauquier County Ordinance Section 8-10, to apply for acceptance or continuation of the Land Use program.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage the use of these “contactless” options when submitting forms:

Crack bắn cá ăn xu 2019· Use the Commissioner of the Revenue Drop-Box –

(located at the entrance of the Circuit Court House at 29 Ashby Street)

Crack bắn cá ăn xu 2019· Scan and Email Completed Forms –

· Mail completed forms – P.O. Box 149, Warrenton, VA  20188

· Request Applications Online –

Crack bắn cá ăn xu 2019Questions about the Land Use Program?  We are here to help! 

ONLINE:     PHONE: 540-422-8160   EMAIL: retax@fauquiercounty.govCrack bắn cá ăn xu 2019  

The Real Estate Division of the Commissioner's Office is responsible for maintaining all real property records for the purpose of assessment and taxation. Transfers of ownership of property are performed by obtaining deed transfers, deeds of correction and other records from the Clerk of the Circuit Court. It is important to maintain timely recordings of transfers to ensure actual owners of property are assessed and taxed. Research must be conducted by the Commissioner's Office on problems, unknown properties, and escheated property which involves in-depth title searches. The Office maintains maps of property within the county, adding new subdivisions, easements, and rights of way. The Office works closely with the public, as well as the Clerk of Circuit Court Office, and Community Development Office. Property records are accessible to the public.

Railroads, Pipelines and Utility property are assessed by the State Corporation Commission or Department of TaxationCrack bắn cá ăn xu 2019 and reported to the Commissioner of the Revenue for inclusion in the local tax roll. The Commissioner of the Revenue verifies this information and maintains these records in the office.

The Commissioner's Office is also a major component of the county's Geographic Information System. The Commissioner's mapping section maintains the cadastrals and land use layers. The office also provides public access view stations for citizen use.


The information displayed on the Real Estate on-line pages are prepared from the inventory of real property found within this jurisdiction and is compiled from recorded deeds, plats, other public records and data.
Users of this service are hereby notified that the aforementioned public record information sources should be consulted for verification of the information contained on the associated screens.  Due to production timing and other circumstances, this information may not necessarily reflect the current taxable record.
The county does not assume any legal responsibility for the information contained herein and makes no warranty as to the absolute accuracy of the elements displayed.


Special Assessment For Land Preservation:

The Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for administering the Use Value Assessment Program. This program, governed by State law, permits agricultural, horticultural, forest, and open space land to be assessed at "use value," rather than "market value." The use value is based on the soil type as an indicator of productivity of the land with respect to agricultural or forestal use. Revalidations must be filed annually. The assessment is revised when the use of the land changes from a qualifying use to a non-qualifying use. At that time a "roll-back" assessment is made. The roll-back requires repayment of the deferred tax plus 10% interest for a period of five years plus the current year.

Exemption For Elderly and Disabled:

The Real Estate Tax Relief Program is a program available to senior citizens age 65 and older or permanently disabled persons. It allows these individuals to take advantage of a reduction or total exemption of real estate taxes based on income and net worth. The exemption must be applied for annually. This program is a very valuable one to the community in assisting senior citizens and the disabled.

Crack bắn cá ăn xu 2019For more information, contact 540-422-8140.