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Our County Seal

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The front of the Fauquier County (pronounced faw-KEER) Seal bears two symbols long associated with the County – the courthouse and the falcon.  The falcon, representing strength and swiftness, clutches scales which pay tribute to John Marshall, one of the great founders of America and contributor to the development of our judicial system; and arrows in recognition of the native Americans that were Fauquier’s first inhabitants, and as a reminder of their deep respect for the land and nature.

1759 is the date of Fauquier County’s establishment by Act of Assembly.

Crack bắn cá ăn xu 2019 These appear on a field of gold, symbolic of majesty and gold mining’s part in our history, surrounded by a band of blue, symbolic of our fidelity and loyalty to state and country.

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"JUSTITIA ET LIBERTAS" in gold on a band of blue, Latin for Justice and Liberty.

The white dogwood in the forefront, as well as symbolizing our allegiance to Virginia, represents all growing things, and the important part agriculture plays in our past and future.

Crack bắn cá ăn xu 2019 The deer symbolizes peace, gentility, and transitional family values, and are representational of our abundance of treasured wildlife.  The mountains, symbolic of lofty ideals, represent Fauquier’s dedication to its preservation of our beautiful countryside.

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